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We provide innovative oil & gas storage and transportation solutions and large special equipment for the global natural gas energy, shipping, petrochemical and offshore engineering industries. Our products include ultra-large LNG\LEG\LPG gas carrier cargo tank, fuel tank and cargo handling system, LNG fuel gas supply system, LNG gasification module and large wind farm equipment, petrochemical pressure vessels, port machinery equipment and so on. We also provide professional ship repair and retrofit services to the shipping industry.

We are established in September 2008, initiated by Shanghai Watts Gallop Holding Group and Jaccar Holdings (French). We locate at Qidong Marine Industrial Park and covers a total area of 660,000m² with a total investment of 2 Billion RMB. We set up a gas engineering technology center in Shanghai (Cryolobe Gas Technology Co., Ltd.).

Watts Energy has set up perfect standard of Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health & Safety, Energy Management systems, and we are approved by DNV-GL/BV/LR/CCS/NK for workshop auditing, also we are licensed by ASME (U/U2) certificate, A1/A2 pressure vessel, GC2 pressure piping, portal & container crane, and successfully obtained CMA, CNAS laboratory qualification certificate. Meanwhile, we have established a professional quality control team of IWE international welding engineer and CWI registered welding inspector certificate.

Based on our rich experience in international project management, we have successfully designed and delivered multiple types of LNG\LEG\LPG cargo tank, fuel tank, cargo handling system and fuel gas supply system to global customers. We also provide various types of mega pressure vessel, tower, reactor, wind power pile, turbine tower, jacket platform and portal crane, bridge crane, continuous stacker and reclaimer, ship loader&unloader, etc. to chemical, wind power, port logistics industry customers.

With the increasing global demand for clean energy and marine development engineering industry, we are committed to become the world's leading energy & offshore special equipment supply benchmarking company. Adhering to the "net zero" energy transformation strategy and relying on independent research and development to achieve equipment technology innovation, we actively engage in the development and construction of renewable energy and low-carbon energy equipment, cultivate in the fields of natural gas energy, offshore wind power, etc., and continuously deliver new energy equipment with higher technology and higher quality, to contribute China's "3060" carbon neutrality plan, and take practical actions to contribute to the process of the world entering a "zero-carbon environmental society"!


Safe and stable operation is the premise and basis for the enterprise to achieve business performance, but also an important guarantee for the sustainable development of society. Watts Offshore & Engineering's health, safety and environmental management system (HSE) is a system engaged by all people in the company, ensuring the safety and health of everyone in the production process and ensuring the efficient operation of our products under the premise of safety and environmental protection.

No. 88 Haigong Avenue, Qidong City,
Jiangsu Province
+ 86 (0513) 83923888
Room 208, Building A, Watts Gallop Tower,
No. 2816, Yixian Road, Shanghai
+ 86 (21) 36585863